We Are Clear Corp

Many Technologies One Clear Solution

Network Design

The highly skilled engineering team at Clear Corp will work with your organization to design and implement a network environment that suits your business needs.

Web Development

Clear Corp’s creative web specialists will provide solutions for the development of responsive, custom websites and web applications.

Remote Support

The support ticket system we utilize at Clear Corp manages your support requests and enables us to provide prompt remote support.

Network Security

At Clear Corp we prioritize your network security with a 24/7/365 monitoring system to detect and quickly respond to network issues.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing outstanding service to our clients. Customer satisfaction and trust are our highest priority, and the key to our success. Our team at Clear is comprised of highly skilled IT consultants. Every member of the team has access to the most current training and resources, including the collective knowledge and experience of this exceptionally creative and capable group. We pride ourselves in the broad range of expertise among our consultants. This, coupled with a dynamic and collaborative work environment, assures that we can effectively meet the IT needs of our clients. Clear is committed to excellence. We intend to build lasting business relationships with our clients. To this end, we maintain the highest of standards in the services and support we provide.

Our Services

IT Services That Exceed Your Expectations
Proactive Maintenance Plan

Make your technology work for you, reducing downtime and increasing profitability

Clear Corp is dedicated to the reliable and efficient operation of your business technology, so you are free to focus on your business. When Clear partners with your organization, we provide you and your staff with the technological tools to enhance productivity. Change the way you think about IT with Clear … consider us your outsourced IT department. We have the expertise to optimize and protect your infrastructure while performing day-to-day maintenance tasks, minimizing downtime for your users. In addition, proactive monitoring on a 24/7/365 basis further insures that your business will run smoothly. Our IT services are designed to cover all of your IT support needs, from Cloud offerings, to employee workstations, to servers, to an array of necessary devices on the network. We will meet your current IT demands, and help you grow into the future.

Flat-Rate IT

Budget your IT expenses

Imagine being able to realistically budget your technology costs. Clear offers flat-rate IT plans specifically designed for your business. You will save both time and money, as technical issues are quickly resolved when the entire staff can call for support without unexpected increases in your IT expenses. Stay on budget while attending to your business goals, and let Clear handle everything IT.

Supplemental IT

Benefit from Flexibility in your IT coverage

Perhaps you already have an internal IT department or a technician onsite to handle most of your day-to-day IT support issues. If your IT staff is overloaded, or require sophisticated services beyond their resources, Clear can supplement their work by providing our 24/7/365 monitoring, plus additional maintenance and support. Clear is the perfect solution to lighten the workload for your internal IT department, eliminating the delays and downtime associated with unresolved IT issues.

Network security is not simply about building impenetrable walls — determined attackers will eventually overcome traditional defenses. The most effective computer security strategies integrate network security monitoring: the collection and analysis of data to help you detect and respond to intrusions. Good network monitoring software continues to send status messages and traffic to efficiently keep track of any outages on the network. Network monitoring watches hardware such as router or network servers for responses. Depending on the software, it can send response requests every minute up to every hour. It can also detect outages in certain software such as web server or email applications.

  • Risk mitigation
  • Increased network performance
  • Faster and more proactive resolution of problems
  • Lower costs

Many network security threats today are spread over the Internet. The most common include:

Viruses, worms, and Trojan horses and adware
Zero-day attacks, also called zero-hour attacks
Hacker attacks
Denial of service attacks
Data interception and theft
Identity theft

We use Cisco, Sonicwall firewalls, Trend-Micro, Barracuda Email filters, Barracuda, Untangle web, gateway filters plus ESET Antivirus and fine tune them to protect your network from unauthorized accesses. We use AlienVault unified, coordinated security monitoring, security event management and reporting.

Email Security

Email is mission critical. Email security should be mission critical too. With core technologies rated #1 for stopping spam and blocking malware, Hosted Email Security protects more than 50,000 companies in more than 110 countries worldwide, and includes an industry-leading money-back Service Level Agreement. We work with Trend-Micro, Barracuda for Spam and Virus es as well Data leak Prevention and Encryption of Emails. We ensures that email can still be delivered even during email server failures or loss of connectivity. Keeps spam, viruses and malware out of your email systems.

  • Improve worker productivity
  • Helps you reclaim productivity and bandwidth
  • Reduce downtime
Managed Antivirus Service

Clear Corp is the largest ESET Managed Service Provider in Midwest. We provide all benefits we get from ESET as Partner.

  • Flexible Monthly Billing
  • Take advantage of the volume pricing we get from ESET,.. even if you have only 10 computers to protect.
  • Easy add and remove licenses at will
  • Get Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports of virus detections on your network
Responsive Website Design

The team at Clear Corp. designs and develops all sites with responsive design. Responsive Website Design intuitively knows what screen size your customers are using and adjusts content and page elements accordingly. Your visitors can be on their PC, tablet, or smartphone and your website will intelligently respond to fit the device’s screen size.

Benefits of Responsiveness
  • Mobile Device-Friendly
    Mobile devices usage rates are increasing and rapidly becoming the most popular means to access the internet. Businesses that can’t stay connected with mobile consumers will become less relevant, especially in regards to mobile eCommerce. With responsive web design, you have the assurance that customers can easily access your web pages with the device they’re using.
  • Improved Usability
    Responsive websites adjust to a user’s device, thus improving their experience dramatically. Visitors to your website won’t get frustrated with pages that don’t load properly, keeping them on your site and increasing conversions.
  • Be More Relevant
    Mobile users are often looking for information quickly and don’t have patience for websites that load slowly. In addition, they don’t want to hunt through irrelevant content to find what they need. Responsive web design truncates a website down to its most basic information, keeping users on your site and decreasing bounce rates.

What is Virtualization? Virtualization allows you to run multiple virtual servers on a single physical machine, efficiently sharing resources and maximizing server utilization on the fly based on your business needs. This optimizes performance and provides unmatched flexibility and increases the availability of resources, applications and data. With the traditional one-to-one relationship between servers and applications, physical resources were underutilized and an excess of time was spent managing servers. Why Virtualize?

Do More With Less

Consolidated servers with optimized workloads allow you to get more from existing resources.

Reduced IT Costs

Less hardware and reduced IT administration efforts. Our clients save an average of 40-65% in overall IT costs.

Business Continuity

Eliminate downtime, securely backup data without interruption and recover immediately from any unplanned outages.

Increased Flexibility

Fast provisioning and dynamic load balancing for improved application performance.

Reduced Energy Needs

Fewer servers means lower electricity and cooling bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

Latest Virtualization Technology

We support VMware, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, etc.

At Clear we use VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix Xenserver. We been working with VMWare from their start.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) allows businesses a platform on which they can create and deploy custom apps, databases and line-of-business services integrated into one platform. Examples of PaaS include Windows Azure and Google App Engine. With Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), businesses can purchase infrastructure from providers as virtual resources. Components include servers, memory, firewalls and more. IaaS providers include Amazon EC2, Rackspace, and Google Compute Engine. Cloud computing is simple–it’s your office virtualized, simplified, and free of bulky equipment and investments. Whether you’re looking to:

  • Virtualize your desktops
  • Make your business applications available anywhere
  • Securely backup and collaborate on documents anywhere
  • Manage PCs at a variety of locations
  • Login to your personal Microsoft Office from anywhere
Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services
VMware vCloud Air
Google Cloud Platform

We have a cloud solution for you. Buy only what you need now for a low, predictable monthly cost.

We can help you leverage the Cloud

Picking the right partner for your move to the cloud is critical to its success. Clear Corp. has helped hundreds of businesses move to the cloud, ensuring a smooth migration that stays on time and on budget. Our passion is leveraging cloud technology for the benefit of our customers, giving you results you can see and use immediately

Cloud Backup

We are the biggest retailer in Midwest with Carbonite, Mozy, Barracuda Backup, EVault, Microsoft Azure Backup, Amazon Glacier cloud solutions. Depending on your budget and requirements, we will work with you to select the best option for your backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions.

Our Solutions

More than Support

Clear Educational Services

Clear Corp. works with schools in the Chicago area to provide expert IT consultation and services. We work in partnership with school administrators, faculty, and students to ensure that ever-tightening budgets and limited resources are utilized most effectively. Technology is ubiquitous in education… not only to effectively operate the office administration, but to enhance the relationship between faculty, parents, and students, but most importantly, to provide the students with the necessary skills to succeed in today’s fast-moving, highly competitive world.

Clear can work with your existing IT staff or provide full or part time technicians to ensure that your technology environment is always operating at its peak efficiency. Our K-12 Educational Market expertise includes:

  • E‐Rate consulting, including planning and USAC submittals. Clear short and long-term IT plans to assist finance departments and school boards
  • Experts with National and State testing; NWEA, PARCC, numerous other tests. Provide assistance for a trouble-free testing environment
  • Skyward, Education Data Management Solutions (STI), Lunch Box, Illinois State Board of Education (isbe.net), Destiny Library INFO, Imagine Learning, Vinland II, Study Island, and Life Touch
  • Instructional and interactive classroom technologies, including Smart Boards and Promethean Boards
  • Google for Education experts; procure, license, and configure Chromebooks to help faculty and students integrate this important educational technology and money saving platform into the
  • curriculum.
  • Web content filtering to secure all users and devices for safe internet access
  • Spam and malware filtering to protect e-mail communications, e-discovery, records retention (archiving), and e-mail management policies
  • Anti-virus protection, managing endpoints on multiple platforms across entire networks from a single console for ease and efficiency (Clear Corp. is the largest ESET managed server provider
  • (MSP) in Illinois)
  • Enhanced network security; security policy implementation, intrusion testing, and network monitoring
  • Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft School Academic Licensing and Agreements.
  • Server virtualization using Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware
  • Sales and support for all servers, computers, laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, and all software applications
  • Backup solutions (Microsoft Recovery Services, Barracuda Backup, Carbonite, and Symantec Data Loss Prevention)
  • Network infrastructure; design, procure, deploy, and support servers, firewalls, switches, SANS devices, and employ secure remote access solutions
  • Voice and telephony solutions employing state-of-the-art VOIP technologies (in-house or hosted), as well as support for older legacy voice systems Avaya and Nortel
  • Design and implementation of all aspects of cable, fiber and wireless networking, partnering with over twenty circuit vendors (AT&T, Comcast, X/O, Sprint, Cogent, and many more)
  • Temporary or permanent on-site technicians, remote support, and support by request
  • Help request support system designed for you with detailed reports and analytics to monitor your IT support issues and costs

We have two locations in downtown Chicago’s River North District to conveniently serve you. Please contact us for a free, no obligation evaluation. Find out why we are the Clear choice for your technology needs.

Please call us at 855-55-CLEAR and ask for Bruce (x202) or Tom (x207). We look forward to hearing from you!

Banking & Finance

Clear Corp. IT for Financial Services

The financial services industry is subject to constant change, as economic factors and evolving legislation intensify competition and limit profitability. In order to restore stability and achieve sustainable growth, IT leaders can leverage new technology and capitalize on developments in security and product innovation to improve the customer experience and grow market share. We support all major segments of the financial services industry. Our comprehensive position ensures we offer you sound perspective and practical solutions that optimize your value chain. Clear’s suite of services is designed to address the needs and challenges faced by all segments of the financial services industry. Each service is supported by dedicated financial services experts who can share industry best practices and insight, while partnering with you to build and deliver a tailored solution.

Segments We Serve

Clear Corp. offers specialized services for all segments of the financial services industry.

  • Banking
  • Wealth/Investment Services
  • Investment Banking and Capital Markets
  • Insurance

Solutions for Financial Services Organizations

Our range of IT services, in combination with our unmatched talent management expertise, allows us to address strategic opportunities and mitigate risks in the financial services industry.

  • Compliance with regulation and government mandates
    With the increased transparency requirements, financial services organizations will need to increase project oversight. In addition, those that streamline enterprise architecture and enhance communication processes will gain efficiencies and improve customer service. We can conduct an analysis of your current environment, implement any new platforms or systems needed, and monitor performance on an ongoing basis to maintain compliance.
  • Real-time business intelligence for critical decision making
    Massive amounts of data pass through your organization every day, from daily customer transactions to customer service logs and market feeds. We can help you sift through the volume and variety of your data in order to report within your organization and use business intelligence to improve product offerings.
  • Improved customer experiences through technology
    The need for information is a constant in the financial services industry, and today’s customers also look for rapid response times and data in consumable formats to help drive their decisions. As IT leaders leverage mobile technology, and other interactive tools to build solutions, Clear can support your strategy development, policy creation and technology deployment to realize those goals.
  • Superior risk management and mitigation strategies
    We understand the far-reaching impact a security breach can have on your customers, employees and stakeholders. We can help you assess your information security footprint, evaluate risk tolerance, maintain compliance and implement risk mitigation strategies.
  • Decreased costs and increased agility from data integration and consolidation
    As a result of mergers and acquisition activity, many clients must manage disparate systems and face inadequate communication across product lines. Clear provides data integration support to include data cleansing, standardization, migration, delivery and archiving to help you meet deadlines and stakeholder expectations.

Real Estate

The real estate industry brings people and information together. Our real estate clients provide a variety of services ranging from commercial, residential services, appraisal, valuation, development, building, membership and other related services. Given the economic challenges that have especially hit the real estate industries, successful real estate companies have used the “investment” approach to technology and provided IT funding throughout the real estate boom and bust cycles. They have relied on IT and used it as a driving force to change the way they market and deliver their services and as a result expanded their businesses, during a time when many are slowing down and downsizing.

Why Clear?

By adopting our Business/IT services into their company’s’ long-term objectives, our real estate clients have used our industry expertise and experience to leverage their businesses. They have been able to reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies, achieve competitive advantage and grow even during these challenging economic times. It’s no wonder some of the top Chicago based real estate companies have chosen Clear Corp.

Our Business/IT approach to technology has enabled our clients to
  • Improve operational efficiency by enabling department to share information seamlessly
  • Improve employee productivity by allowing them to connect from anywhere, anytime with any device
  • Experience growth by assisting companies with integration of IT with their business processes
  • Effectively integrate IT to improve their sales and marketing processes
  • Increase profits but cutting down cost and reducing capital expenditure
  • Focus on their core competency
  • Shift IT Risk to us by paying a flat monthly fee for all IT support
  • Harness new technology such as cloud computing to improve their businesses

Our flat fee based Managed Cloud and IT services allow us to maintain your entire IT infrastructure in addition to re-aligning your IT to become an enabler to your business. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our IT support and computer services for real estate.

Governmental Agencies

Clear Corp provides government agencies with sector-ready solutions for colocation, public and private cloud, managed hosting, network, security and professional services/support

Managed Database Applications

Complete portfolio of managed services for industry-leading databases that take charge of database procurement, installation and management.

Managed Security Services

Customizable, flexible, affordable solutions that won’t hinder your existing IT systems and enable agile responses to constantly changing threats.

Network Services

Unique integration of network and hosting services that transform infrastructure from a simple utility into a strategic advantage.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Holistic solutions that minimize the impact of unplanned events and help keep you operational.

Procurement of software licensing and hardware

Careers & Internships

Work side-by-side with experienced innovators to develop the next big thing


1As a member of the Clear team, you will be collaborating with highly skilled IT technicians. The work environment can be fast-paced and demanding, with ever-changing and varied customer needs. In addition to teamwork, independence and innovation are encouraged in problem-solving for our clients. We are interested in talented and creative IT specialists who share our commitment to excellence and service.


Clear Corp has partnered with local universities to develop an internship program for students of computer studies at the collegiate level. As a high-end IT consulting firm, Clear has access to the newest technologies available today. This exposure, along with the realities of resolving immediate computer challenges, offers abundant learning opportunities for the technology student. If you are a student seeking an internship in the IT field, send your resume and cover letter as a PDF to hr@clear.us.com

Our Partners

Meet Our Partners

To contribute to positive change and achieve our sustainability goals, we partner with many extraordinary organizations around the world. Their expertise enables us to do far more than we could alone, and their passion and talent inspire us. It is our pleasure to introduce you to a handful of the organizations whose accomplishments and commitments are representative of all the organizations we are fortunate to call our partners.

Who We Are

Technology Integration Experts

Our team constantly explores ways that technology can help us reinvent industries.

Professional Profile

Clear Corp began operations in June of 2009, with its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. At that time, its two principals, Amgaa Purevjal and Bruce Sokol, had been running successful independent tech firms in the Chicago area, collaborating on numerous projects. The synergy of their combined efforts led to the formation of Clear Corp. Amgaa, a native Mongolian, spent six years studying at a State University in Soviet Georgia, graduating with a master’s degree in Physics and Mathematics. Upon moving to Chicago he quickly earned a reputation as one of the top IT minds in the city. Bruce graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Economics, and began his career in technology with the advent of the PC. For over twenty-five years he has been delivering high level tech services to local clients. Their combined knowledge and experience, as well as a shared standard of excellence in service, make Clear Corp a superior IT provider.

Scope of Expertise

Clear Corp is a full service IT company specializing in all aspects of business technologies. Our offices are conveniently located in Chicago’s River North loft district, and our certified technicians are readily available for on-site service as well as remote support. Our team, with diverse technical backgrounds, includes experts in cloud services, managed IT services, network consulting and implementation, application programming and web development, procurement (hardware, software, and circuits), VOIP, security, backup, and business continuity. We are fully insured and offer free evaluations.

Commitment to Service

Clear Corp carefully considers the unique IT requirements of each client, working to combine the latest technology with existing infrastructure. We use the extensive resources of our expert team to solve current technical challenges, anticipate future needs, and to create an affordable IT environment that allows for maximum efficiency and growth for your business.

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